Here's my look at the other Dan Patricks that live in the public eye.

It’s a political year and once again the age old question of who the real Dan Patrick is comes up. Yes I know, there is more than one. Yes I have heard it all before. But I promise on the day I was born, and given this name, I... well, I still wasn’t the only one.

My grandfather on my dad's side was Nesbit Winger. His name was so bad everyone just called him Jr.  I don’t think my grandfather liked his name, and he tried to do better with my dad’s name, Carl. Turns out, my dad said he hated his name so bad, and kids made fun of him. His middle name was Winger as well, so he couldn't use that, since it wasn’t much better. He wanted a strong name that was above reproach. So when he named me Daniel Patrick, he thought he did a pretty good job, and I would have to agree, as it seems there is more than one.





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    Dan Patrick

    This is the Dan Patrick that started all the issues. People would tell me, “hey, you know there is another Dan Patrick” Why yes, yes I did, then they would go on to say “He is on ESPN, is that you?” It was pretty strange being on the radio, and then people in radio making this same joke for years. It has faded, somewhat.

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    Dan Patrick

    This guy is the Lieutenant Governor of Texas. He was also on the radio as a conservative talk show host before running for office. He has presided over what some called the most conservative and productive sessions of the Texas State Senate, according to his website, No wonder I couldn’t get that url

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    Danica Patrick

    Though she has won few races, she was still a top driver in the circuit. Still the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing. In 2010 she started stock car racing, and just recently retired after an accident. She is now hosting and doing other things, like TV commercials.  She is only 5, 2 and 100lbs. I get called Danica Patrick...a lot.

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    Dan Patrick

    That’s me, I’ve been on the radio in DEEP East Texas my entire life. Basically just was born, and now I”m at K-Fox 955. My life is an open book, but nothing crazy amazing.