There comes a time in your life when  you realize you're THAT person. The person that will call 911 to report a dog kennel lying in the middle of US 59 because you're scared there just might be a dog in it. And because you're too responsible to stop yourself and cause a bigger traffic problem. Yeah, I'm that person. I've called on dogs stuck in the middle of US 59. I've called on horses tied to trees without water or food. When I was doing mornings and driving to work at 5am, I'd whip out my phone in a heart beat when I saw kids walking unattended down US 69. Yep, I AM THAT person. When did I turn into that person? I'm not really sure. When did I pass the time when I was too afraid the cops might have something on me to report suspicious activity?!??! When did I become a responsible, law-abiding citizen?!?!? DAMN! What has happened to me?!?!? It was a tough realization this morning. I almost feel like I've let myself down. Or maybe, just maybe, I've finally grown up? Scary thought! Or maybe, I'm just THAT girl!