Got a chance to interview Casey Callas from Huntington State Bank about the Zoo Boo she is heading up this year with Ellen Trout Zoo and the City of Lufkin.  One of the things she mentioned about the Zoo Boo was golf?  Golf?  I really need to stop standing around the Costume Contest and get around and check out the other things this event has to offer.  But I doubt I will have time for that.  Love this event every year, it's just good wholesome fun.  Plus it's really reasonable if you are on a budget just $5 for Adults and $2.50 for kids.  See you there this Friday and Saturday night at the Zoo on the loop in Lufkin starting at 6pm - 8:30.  Costume contest starts at 7pm so get signed up early!


Ellen Trout Zoo/City Of Lufkin