Last night (Sunday, December 26th, 2021) at around 11 pm Brandon Belt was up late and in a giving mood. He once again set out to hide some money for us to find.

The East Texas Scavenger Hunt page posted a quick prize grab for $500, and if you had notifications on, you might have gotten the one and only clue.

Only clue: You will find it underneath the light in front of this North Carolina store.

The only other hint was the ever-present fact that the money was hidden in the Lufkin city limits.  Brandon also mentioned that there was no need to touch anyone's property, as it was in a very public place. Armed with that information people went out to find the hidden cash.

How can a North Carolina Store be in the Lufkin city limits? 

You would have to do a little research to find a North Carolina store in Lufkin. A quick google search for North Carolina chain stores got me nowhere.

There are 14 Fortune 500 and 26 fortune 1000 companies based in North Carolina. Lowe's hardware stores started in North Carolina.

Then I googled companies that started in North Carolina and I was shocked. Family Dollar, Bank Of America, and Belk came up too. There are three Family Dollar locations in the city limits. The clue helped narrow it down some, but there were still tons of places to check.

The $500 was quickly found in Lufkin 

There were plenty of people up last night googling just like I did. Then it was over as quickly as it started. Someone found the $500 at Belk within the same hour it was posted.

The prize was located on a tree by the Goodwill trailer in the Belk parking lot. I guess Brandon has found out that it doesn't take $10,000 to get Lufkin's attention. These smaller hunts have made the holidays brighter for many families.

Thanks for keeping it interesting around here Brandon. He has promised another scavenger hunt soon. Next time he might hide it at a new local business like one of these.

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