By now, I think it's safe to say, everyone has been exposed to Facebook. Right? I can't imagine there's anyone left in America who hasn't been, except for possibly the characters in True Blood, but that's a whole 'nother discussion. With that being said, which posts annoy you the most? I've come up with a list of posts that are like nails on a chalk board to me. What bugs you? Time to sound off... Especially since you can now (for a small fee, of course) have your Facebook posts promoted online!!! Yikes!

1. The Unwanted Facebook Invite from a person you don't know and a band you've never seen or have even heard of at a bar you didn't even know existed. Yeah, those. That's a guaranteed decline. I can't have those invites outstanding in my events tab. I'm slightly OCD.

2. The Whiner - My butt hurts, my head hurts, I have a bump on my pinkie. I can't handle the attention whores. If you're legitimately sick, that's one thing, but the hypochondriacs can take a flying leap. Remember the old adage your mom used to tell you? Might as well as tell people everything is fine because NO ONE CARES! Except that crazy aunt you don't really know... or who lives too far away to know you're really not hurt, just a whiner.

3.  The Post With the Exposed Link - Take a few extra seconds... delete the excess HTML...

4. The Let Me Tell You Every Boring Detail of My Life Poster - I'm glad you like mustard and not mayo, but I don't need to know every time you eat a sandwich or ace a test, etc...

5. Bad Grammar Posts - We're human, we all make mistakes or our iPhone decides what it wants to post BUT understand the sound reasoning between they're, their and there. The difference can be critical! Then there's 'your' and 'you're.' Here's an example. There is a difference between knowing your sh!t and knowing you're sh!t... EXACTLY! Let me go do another spell check on this while I'm thinking about it. No one likes to be caught with THEIR pants down:)

6. Get Off My Lawn Posters - The people that are always complaining. Maybe we should call them 'The Grouch' and send them back to their garbage can:)

7. The Game Player - I don't want to give you a pig, nor a goat and I don't want to join your mafia, even though I'm sure it's bad ass. I'm sorry, I just don't have time for another addiction. Seriously. Oh yeah, and sorry! See! I'm trying to be nice about it. (I was formerly addicted)


So which ones drive you to the brink? Tell me about it!