"I'm treading water, like a preacher's daughter," Felicity sings on "Pilot With A Fear of Heights," the Cape Town-bred artist's soaring anthem about what it feels like to stand at the precipice of what we want while refusing to surrender to our fears.

Featuring the artist's full, honeyed vocals atop an infectious blend of peppy hand claps, joyful horns and upbeat percussion, the single captures the larger-than-life feeling of going after one's dreams without inhibition, whether romance-related or otherwise.

"The writing process for me starts off with a concept," Felicity explains. "I funnily enough hatched the idea for 'Pilot With a Fear of Heights' on a plane. I loved the irony of being afraid of your destiny. I transformed this in the studio into a story of a boy I wanted to be with despite what our potential outcome or destiny might be."

Hailing from South Africa, the 18-year-old singer-songwriter is truly an international artist: Born in Australia but raised in Cape Town, she moved to Denver, Colorado to finish up high school before finally planting her feet in New York City in the autumn of 2015 to focus on her music career.

With a powerful, husky voice reminiscent of Florence + the Machine and Sia, as well as a knack for crafting a catchy tune, Felicity's music is as anthemic as it is intimate and emotional. Sonically, her songs capture dynamic moments that are both moody and optimistic; both sweeping and soulful, a unique juxtaposition that solidifies her as one to watch.

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