Today we're showcasing Kickstarter campaign videos. But don't worry, we're only showing the fully funded videos so if you like what you see, you won't feel obligated to buy anything.

The following products and ideas will be made a reality in our near future, so if you think any of these are cool, all you'll have to do is wait.

Have you ever wanted to wear your phone like a ring? Maybe you drop your giant slippery phone too often? Well Loopy phone cases might be the thing you need.

Loopy Cases via YouTube

Uh ... yeah.

Ninjabot via Kickstarter

Don't watch this video if you haven't eaten lunch yet. This video might make you hungry.

Frank Rizzo & Scott Kobryn via Kickstarter

If that previous video did make you hungry, this video might fix that and make you lose your appetite.

Trouble Makers via Kickstarter

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