When something exciting or bad happens to us, or we snap a cute pic, or watch a pretty funny video we're pretty quick to post it up on our Facebook wall for our friends to see. We're living in a society where we share a ton of information with our family, friends, acquaintances and sometimes even strangers when we do this. We're not really thinking about some of the potential consequences; we're just thinking, "Hey I wanna share that with my friends online." In reality, we're probably sharing too much information about ourselves.

Although we set up our privacy settings to let only those we want to see our stuff, we could actually be letting others unknowingly see everything about us. You might forget to log out of your account, someone might look through your phone, you could download a rogue app that will access your account and more. With security top of mind, there are four things that you shouldn't post to your Facebook wall.

Full Birth Date

Receiving the "Happy Birthday" message on our special day is exciting! It's all good to share our birthday, but we shouldn't share the year we were born though. Reason being is that if you put that information, you're giving identity thieves three of the four pieces of information that they need to steal your identity. Besides, your close friends should know your approximate age anyways!

Relationship Status

You should leave this blank, it gives stalkers no information about you. If you're single and you say it on Facebook, it could potentially let a predator know your home alone or if you're newly single, it tells stalkers that you're back on the market.

Current Location

Letting people know where you are 24/7 is giving thieves an open invitiation to know that your home is empty! It's nice to brag to your friends letting them know your on vacation in Aspen, Paris or the Bahamas, but thieves see that as an opportunity!

Tagging Our Children In Pics With Their Name

Tagging a pic with your child's full name, once again can lead to predators. When children are born, many parents post full name, specific details about their child's birth along with date and all of that information can potentially be disaterous. Strangers could potentially lure your children into dangerous situations because they know specific personal information about them. When posting pics of your kids on your Facebook wall its a pretty good habit to not tag them in the pic, because once again, your close friends that are online too should know and recognize your children anyway.

These are just a few tips you should keep in mind when posting information on your Facebook wall or any other social media app for that fact. Stay safe, be vigilant in what you share on your Facebook wall and you should be safe!