There are many in East Texas who love to get out on the lake just about every weekend and catch as many fish as possible. Some will go for catfish or crappie to stock their freezer. Others just catch whatever and release it back into the water just to add to their fish tales. East Texas does have some great places to fish. A new list from the travel site backs up that claim by naming five East Texas lakes in their 11 Best Fishing Lakes in Texas list.

East Texas Lakes

East Texas has some great lakes like Lake Palestine, Lake Tyler or Lake O' The Pines. I know there's a bunch more but those three were top of mind as I was writing this. Those lakes are not only great for fishing but they are also fun to set up on the shore and have a fun day with the family there. Bass fishing is very good in East Texas as is fishing for catfish.

Lake Fork and Lake Palestine are so good for bass fishing that professional tournaments are held almost every year on those lakes. Record fish have been caught on Lake Fork and on Lake Tyler. Even if you're an amateur fisherman or fisherwoman, fishing is a lot of fun in East Texas.

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11 Best Fishing Lakes in Texas

Recently, travel site released their list of the best lakes to fish in Texas. There are no statistics, per say, to back up their list, just the evidence of the amount of large catches made on those lakes. For instance, the site mentions how Lake Fork has 25 of the top 50 largest largemouth bass ever caught in the state.

Traveller's Elixir Top Fishing Lakes in Texas

  1. Lake Fork
  2. Lake Palestine
  3. Caddo Lake
  4. Toledo Bend Reservoir
  5. Sam Rayburn Reservoir
  6. Lake Texoma
  7. Lake Conroe
  8. Lake Buchanan
  9. O.H Ivie Lake
  10. Lake Amistad
  11. Falcon Lake

You can read the full writeup at

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