A bride-to-be on Reddit is creeped out by her future brother-in-law after he asked her to wear his own wife's bridal gown for her wedding.

"I am getting married to my fiancé in a month. He has an identical twin brother with whom he's keeping a bit of a distance because of his past possessive behavior of wanting to share everything with each other, from interests, hobbies and even friends," the woman began.

"His brother got eloped to his wife and even suggested to my fiancé to do the same on the same day as him, but of course he shut that down quickly as we both agreed on having a wedding already," she explained.

"However, I ended up being contacted by my fiancé's brother requesting me to wear his wife's wedding dress from their elopement to my wedding, which I obviously turned down, telling him that I've already got a specific wedding dress on my mind," the frustrated bride continued on Reddit.

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The woman's soon-to-be brother-in-law didn't bring up the dress for a couple weeks, but then out of the blue he and his wife showed up at her house demanding she try the gown on.

"Thank God my husband stepped in and kicked them both out of our house, even though it did end up with a really big argument between my fiancé and his brother. I got contacted again later on by my brother-in-law who said that my inability to make any compromises in order for his and his brother's wedding experiences to be intertwined is straining their relationship," she shared.

She noted she is "getting the creeps" from her brother-in-law and has a gut feeling he and his wife will attempt to sabotage her wedding "out of revenge."

"We're now strongly considering uninviting both my brother-in-law and sister-in-law from our wedding, but my husband's still a bit reluctant to do it yet because of the inevitable drama it'll cause with his family," she concluded.

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Users in the comments rallied behind the bride and were equally weirded out by her brother-in-law's behavior.

"This is super creepy! Like brother-in-law needs to learn to be his own person and let your fiancé be his own person too! Set these boundaries now and set them firmly! If you decide to invite them to the wedding I’d get a couple of friends you trust to watch them and prevent any insanity," one person wrote.

"It's even more bizarre that the sister-in-law is going along with this craziness, it proves that brother-in-law has met his perfect match," another commented.

"I get twins liking doing the same things which is fun, but not fun when only one of them is pushing it," someone else chimed in.

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