Rapper-turned-rocker Kid Cudi loves getting crazy tattoos but this one really takes the cake. To add to his collection of body artwork, including his Pink Floyd tat, Cudi showed off his grisly new tattoo of slit wrists. Ewww.

The artwork depicts Cudi’s wrists slashed and dripping with blood. “The old Scott is dead … slit wrists,” he wrote on his Tumblr blog.

The “old Scott,” meaning, the wild and out-of-control persona that led him to numerous arrests and substance abuse is a thing of the past. Now clean and somber, Cudi is on a new musical path with WZRD, his rock group with producer Dot da Genius. The duo’s self-titled LP is currently in stores.

In an interview with Complex, Cudi says he hopes to inspired old and new listeners with his rock-infused album. “Music is a very powerful medium, and you could really use it for some good, and affect a lot of people in a really, really positive way and save lives,” he said. “I’ve had my share of raps and talking my s— and you’re probably still going to hear me laying down raps, talking my s—. But at the end of the day, when you think of Kid Cudi, you know the basis of my s—, my whole theme is telling my tale and inspiring people and helping people.”

We don’t know how a tattoo of slit wrists is going to inspire anyone but we are supportive of Cudi’s newfound adventures in rock ‘n’ roll.

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