While it is difficult to quantify the degree to which any particular social group has been marginalized throughout history, it is safe to say the members of the LGBTQ+ community have experienced terrible treatment throughout the course of American history. Whether it be having to fight for the right to get married until 2015 or being told they deserve harm because of their sexual orientation by religious extremists, [Editor: Also, until June 15th, 2020 there was no national law banning workplace discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation] members of the community have been fighting an uphill battle for centuries now.

While things have been looking up in recent years, everybody still needs to do their part to help people in the LGBTQ+ community feel as fully integrated into society as they should feel. One of the best ways in which allies can lend a hand is by donating to powerful charities making concerted efforts to improve the lives of marginalized people on a daily basis.

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