Vehicle thefts are a problem all year long, but especially during the holiday season when there are shopping bags and electronics sitting in plain sight.

Here's some special incentive to lock your doors and hide your valuables in Lufkin.

Lufkin police say that close to 10 vehicles were broken into recently during a 48 hour period, mostly in the Colony area.  The thief or thieves apparently broke in through the windows, and took electronics, backpacks, and in one case, a valuable handbag.  And the owners were not careless.  The vehicles were locked, but that didn't stop the burglars.

What's the best way to avoid have things swiped from your car?  Take the valuables out, even if it means carrying them with you in places that your wouldn't normally have them like restaurants and other stores.  Or leave them at home.

The holiday shopping season is a prime opportunity to get some great deals on hot items like flat screen TVs and Blu Ray players.  It's also a great season for thieves to make off with the items before you can get them under the tree.  So...big, burly husbands and boyfriends, thank you for keeping watch on the car while us gals finish up the shopping.

Police are investigating to see if the multiple burglaries are linked, so if you have any tips give them a call and 936-633-0356.