The Swiss based, food giant, Nestle, is suspending all their beef-containing products coming from a German supplier because random quality control tests reviled traces of Horse-DNA.

"Our tests have found traces of horse DNA in two products made from beef supplied by H.J. Schypke," the statement said. "The levels found are above the one percent threshold the UK's Food Safety Agency uses to indicate likely adulteration or gross negligence." -Nestle

They also went on to assure the media that "it has no information to suggest donkey meat is in the food chain." I'm sure we all feel so much better now...

The unauthorized horse meat was discovered in a variety of products that were labeled as beef and being sold in supermarkets in Britain, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and Ireland.

The "beef" suppliers and any other companies connected to the incident could face up to two years in prison and fines of up to $250,000. It seems like a slap on the wrist for what looks to be about 750 tons of horse meat used in the last six months according to reports from the French Government.

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