On tonight's (Sept. 12) Season 2 premiere of 'X Factor,' the producers and judges wasted no time in making things interesting. At the Oakland audition, Quatrele Da'an Smith, an African American drag queen, dressed in a bridal veil, panties, black heels and neon pink lipstick cribbed from Nicki Minaj's makeup bag, performed Lady Gaga's self-love anthem 'Born This Way.' No shock there.

He interpreted the line "Don't be a drag, just be a queen" quite literally and took it to the next level. Don't be a drag, just be a bride, as it were.

Dion, who works in a bakery, was faboo in the draggiest of ways. He sang and danced, and it was strangely and surprisingly entertaining. While we expected the judges to make it stop, to dash his dreams and send him back to a sweet-smelling, high calorie world of icing, cookies and dough, all but L.A. Reid put him through to the next round. We know, we were like "WTF?" too. His act seemed more suited for subversive or fashionably dramatic theater, as opposed to pop superstardom, but what do we know?

Demi Lovato loved his lipstick, while Britney Spears and Simon Cowell found him to be entertaining. We expected those comments to be followed by a "But..." Instead, they upstreamed him. We don't expect him to make it deep into the competition, but maybe Brit Brit, Si Co and crew saw something live and in the flesh that we didn't? That had to be it...

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