Thinking about getting your valentine a quick gift after work? Well you might want to leave a little early, I think this place closes at 5pm.

Okay so we are down to the wire here guys and gals. This is the one fake holiday, if you are in a relationship, you can't mess up.  Hopefully you have done your homework. But lets assume that you didn't, are in a new relationship, and you have no idea what to get your love.

What is the one thing that your person of interest loves, but won't buy for themselves. We all have something like this, just a mental block.  I won't buy cologne, I will wear it but I never buy it. I don't use much, and can usually count on someone to pick it up for me on my birthday or Christmas.

Think about something that they had, that now they don't anymore. Ask them why they aren't going to get fancy coffee anymore. Is it too expensive? Well duh, get them a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. You could even go through the drive through.

I really like candles as a quick gift idea. You really can't go wrong with candles. Even if they refuse to burn them, they can be decorative, or smell good when you open them. Don't over think this, you got this.  Now hurry, they are expecting something around 6:30pm tonight.

Check out this video of me picking up some stuff at Quality Bargains in Lufkin. (They have the good candles)


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