Today Is the Perfect Day to Thank an East Texas First Responder
Every time 9/11 rolls around, I think about the first responders who rushed into the Trade Towers that day in 2001 to save lives, thinking very little about their own. Would any of us have had the guts? It makes today the perfect day to thank a first responder in East Texas for what they do on a d…
Bristol Recalls 9/11
I don’t think any of us will forget 9/11… The morning the news broke that the United States was under attack, I was working in Cedar Rapids, IA and we all stood in the news room, clustered around a little bitty TV screen watching coverage of a plane crashing in to the World Tr…
Budweiser Clydesale Commercial Only Show Once
This is a commercial Budweiser did for 9/11. They only aired it once so as not to benefit financially from it. They just wanted to acknowledge that horrible day and pay tribute to America and it's heroes.