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Get Your 'French Fry' Fix For National French Fry Day!
Today is a day that should be a National holiday everyday....National French Fry Day!
Did you know the "potato" is the most consumed vegetable in the U.S. per the Packer and today you can treat yourself to some great deals to celebrate for all my French Fry lovers from Retail Me Not…
Hands Free Whopper all the Rage in Puerto Rico [VIDEO]
I refuse to stop and get food while I am driving.  Everyone else just sits in the car enjoying their food, while I am trying to eat with one hand and drive with the other.  If only I lived in Puerto Rico I could have one of these sweet burger holders.
Burger King Brings Home the Bacon…in a Sundae! [VIDEO]
Everyone loves bacon!  I know I do, and I love ice cream, so Burger King has put them together in a delicious Sundae.  It's soft serve vanilla ice cream, drizzled with chocolate fudge and caramel, topped with bacon crumbles, then served with a full piece of thick cut hardwood smoked b…