'The Incredibles 2' Script in Development
One of Disney and Pixar's most beloved hits of all time was undoubtedly Brad Bird's 'The Incredibles,' which saw a family of superheroes thrusted back into heroics after years of remaining in hiding. The director previously said that he was extremely interested in the possibility of continuing the s…
Did Your Vehicle Make the Most Stolen List in Texas 2012?
If you drive a pickup, they are the most popular vehicles in Texas and once again the most stolen, according to 2012 report from the Department of Public Safety.
Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge pickups, lead the top-10 list of vehicles targeted by Texas thieves. The...
Car That Runs on Air
This car runs on compressed air, has absolutely no pollution, has very low running costs, can seat up to five people, and it's only around $15,000! What colors do they come in and where can I pick mine up?
Wishing For Colder Weather…Okay, Perhaps Not [VIDEO]
I can't get over how mild our winter has been.  I really think we need a few really cold days or the bugs are going to take us away this summer!
Then enter this video from Utah on the 21st.  Watching the collateral damage of a snow storm is just unreal...