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Share A Coke Prize Pack With KFox 95.5!
We're in the height of summer, and there's no better time to share a Coke with friends! K-Fox 95.5 has teamed up with Lufkin Coca-Cola to make that easier than ever before with a great Coca-Cola Summer Prize Pack, and a chance for you to win free Cokes for a year!
Nacogdoches Gets First Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine in East Texas [VIDEO]
If you haven't used a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine before, you might not know why I am so pumped up about this. I got to use one at a restaurant in Austin, and not only is it amazing, it's fun! I think my favorite part is the ability to make any drink that falls under the Coca-Cola family using the interactive touch screen.
Coca Cola Olympic Grand Prize Winner is Charity Hedden [PHOTO]
Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner, and actually our first winner Charity Hedden out of the 10 people that won prize packs she was picked at random to win the Flat Screen TV to watch the Olympics on! She came by Tuesday and picked up her duffel bag, 4 T-Shirts, 4 caps and then came back last Monday the 30th to pick up her $500 Best Buy gift card for the TV.
Coca-Cola Olympic Winner #10 – Jodie Derryberry [PHOTO]
Here she is! Our 10th winner got a chance to come all the way from Nacogdoches to pick up her prize pack today. She had to come in after hours and I didn't have a key to the room with the prize in it. So imagine me and Danny Merrell with a slim jim and a giant flat head screwdriver getting the door open. Jodie Derryberry was our final London 2012 Olympic Winner she didn't have to imagine it she
Coca-Cola Olympic Winner #9 – Debbie Hillyer [PHOTO]
Well our 9th winner finally came in and got her prize pack today so I thought I would finish showing you the pictures from all of our London 2012 Olympic Winners.   Debbie was our winner for our second Thursday of the competition a couple of weeks ago.

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