Hunter Discovers Naked Confused Man In Woods [VIDEO]
While bow hunting on his land in the Chattahoochee Hills, outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Casey Sanders came upon a naked man wandering near a creek. He has a lot of questions for the man. I mean, what do you ask a naked guy you find in the woods?
Epic Crowd Surfing Fail [VIDEO]
I have been in bands in the past, but no one ever tried crowd surfing at one of our shows. Might have been because like this one there really weren't enough people to make it happen.
Kidz Bop Live Coming To Nacogdoches! [VIDEO]
13 million total albums sold, 9 gold records and 1 platinum album, Billboard’s winner of the #1 kids artist for the past 3 years…they are the number one music brand for kids in the world, and they’re coming to Nacogdoches. KIDZ BOP LIVE is coming to the Hotel F…
Justin Bieber Announces North American Tour [VIDEO]
Bieber Fever is back.  A few months ago I thought he would never top himself, but the song Boyfriend has done it.  Now Justin is taking the show on the road.  This is all part of the promotion of his new album, Believe, -- sales start on June 19th.  Even if you are tired of Bieber, I know many peopl…

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