Truck In Lufkin Entangled on Powerlines
This was the scene moments ago (Approximately 4:30 PM on Thursday, March 9th 2017) on Atkinson Drive in Lufkin. If you live in this area, judging by the number of power company trucks, you might have lost power for a short time.
No Worries, It's Just a Flaming Baton Juggler
Texas makes the weird news files again.
Firefighters were called out recently to put out a fire in a grain elevator, and it turned out to be nothing more than a guy practicing his flaming baton juggling act in there.  Here's where it happened.
Would You Want To Know?
If you're suspicious that someone might have died in your house in the past, or that it might even have been a spot for a meth lab, there's a new website that will tell you for sure.  For a fee.
Fuller's Buffet In Lufkin Fire
A Lufkin landmark, Fullers Buffet, has sustained quite a bit of damage due to a fire this afternoon. On the scene, the Lufkin Fire Department's preliminary investigation concluded that it started in the attic area.

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