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Gas is Cheap in Texas, and About to Get Cheaper
Gas prices are averaging just above two bucks a gallon in East Texas right now, and that's about fifty cents cheaper than it was on the 4th of July weekend last year. Road trip on!
Even better news for drivers - gas prices are expected to dip under the two-dollar mark again this fall and they co…
Gas Prices Drop, But Will They Stay Low?
"Low" is a relative term.  Everyone wishes gas prices were a buck a gallon, but at least prices are a lot lower than that $4 mark we flirted with several months ago.  The average right now in Texas is $2.36 per gallon.  But will prices go up?
15 Clever Ways to Save Money on Gas
Turmoil in the Middle East is nothing new. Gas prices going up is nothing new. What is new is the possibility that we could be looking at prices at the pump lurking in the neighborhood of $5 a gallon by the summer. And that’s painful.