There Will Be ‘Many’ More ‘Ghostbusters’ Movies
Ivan Reitman ain’t afraid of no underwhelming box office numbers. The original Ghostbusters director and producer of this year’s reboot says that despite weak returns for Paul Feig’s film, “there’s going to be many other” movies in the franchise. That statem…
Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Ghostbusters’ Comes in Second
How much does the new Ghostbusters need to make if it wants to be a bonafide, genuine hit? The opening weekend for director Paul Feig’s reboot of the beloved franchise raises more questions than answers and the second and third weekend will ultimately prove more telling. However, here’…
The Weirdest Ghostbusters Mechandise
If you’ve been to the supermarket or the toy store lately you’ve seen a lot of Ghostbusters tie-in merchandise. Action figures, beverages, snack cakes, stuffed dolls; you name it, they’re making it to promote the new Ghostbusters movie opening in theaters this Friday.

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