A Little Drum Solo [VIDEO]
If you ever as a child tried to be Bobby McFerrin like I did, you know this is great.   Three little people play one drum solo on one big people.   That's pretty much all that is happening here.  It has come to this.  Hope they all got paid a grip for this one...
Spandy Andy Will Get You In The Mood For Warmer Weather [VIDEO]
I don't know why this makes me smile.  Short guy in a speedo making people feel awkward is apparently tops on my list.  Okay so I am pretty sure that most guys would not enjoy this video as much as I do.  But for some reason it made me think of warm sunny days at the beach when I…
Sick And Tired Of These Snakes In This Pit [VIDEO]
This is a quadruple fail.
1. Cobra's (ton of cobras)
2 Flip Flops
3. Crap Broom
4.  Did I mention COBRAS.
Nothing scary or freaky happens in this video.  That's the amazing part.  The little white things he is sweeping up is...