One Heart Movie Needs Extras Here in East Texas [VIDEO]
I had heard of this back when it happened, but now they are making a movie based on the real-life events surrounding a 2008 high school football game. One Heart is the amazing story of the players and coaches from Gainesville State School and Grapevine Faith...
“Jack Reacher” is Quite the Reach for Tom Cruise [VIDEO]
I had never heard of the novels about Jack Reacher unitl this movie was announced. Lots of my friends have read it, and when they found out that Tom Cruise is playing the leading man, they were underwhelmed. Jack Reacher in the text is described as being 6'5" tall and over 200 lbs...
See Katy Perry In 3D Sneek Peek at Select Texas Theaters.
Katy Perry‘s 3D concert movie Katy Perry: Part Of Me won't come out in in theaters nationwide till Thursday, July 5th. But if you are a die hard Katy fan you can preview it on Monday, July 2nd.  Fortunately there are tons of theaters showing it within driving distance.
Les Miserables Movie Trailer Will Make You Cry! [VIDEO]
Something about this movie trailer, just like the book makes even grown men cry.   Jesse Carmichael of Maroon 5 knows about this first hand.  This had him bawling like a baby.  I can already tell this one is going for Oscar nominations.  With an amazing cast of Hugh Jackman, Russ…

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