Nicolas Cage

The Ridiculous Reason Johnny Depp Didn’t Star in ‘Face/Off’
Movies are a mixture of talent, art, skill, business, and stupid luck. For a fascinating example of all of the above, I direct your attention to a great article at Shortlist (via The Playlist) about the history of Face/Off. As it turns out before the movie was made by John Woo with stars Nicolas Cag…
Nicolas Cage Says Superhero Movies Are ‘In Good Shape’
For an actor whose superhero prospects haven’t always been stellar, Nicolas Cage sure does love superhero movies. His role as Big Daddy in Kick-Ass was the most positively received, but critics and audiences alike were lukewarm-to-cold on his Johnny Blaze in the Ghost Rider movies (Ghost Ride…
Have Fun With Nick Cage’s Head!
Found this today and for some reason I had to play it twice. You move your mouse around and Nicolas Cage's head is copied over and over! This is the real face off!