Make This Refreshing Peach Smoothie Packed With Vitamin C
Add citrus to your morning breakfast and load up on important vitamins that are harder to get in the winter like Vitamin A and C. This dairy-free yogurt-based smoothie is simple to make and has a creamy, thick texture. Feeling Peachy Smoothie Serves 1 Ingredients 1 whole peach, pitted and cubed (can use frozen) 2 tablespoons of Lavva vanilla dairy-free yogurt ½ of cucumber ½ cup of orange juice ½
If You Don’t Eat Meat, Where Do You Get Your Protein?
OK, as aforementioned I do eat some meat--selectively, though. So I don't hear this as often as those who eschew all animal products would. However, in the light of the ongoing trending topics in regard to all things "plant-based food item," I thought it would be fun to lightly address the question...