How To Get A Puppy
Are your parents against you having a dog? We have the soulition, just show them this video. Six reasons you need a puppy!
Who Drops A Puppy?!?!? [VIDEO]
Apparently, Kathie Lee Gifford drops puppies. If I was that dog, I'd have bitten her when she picked me up again. Hims just a cute little baby!!! I always knew there was something wrong with her! Adding insult to injury, she said the puppy smelled...
It’s National Puppy Day! [VIDEO]
Ever wonder what Congress does for you?  They turn everyday into a holiday.  Well today its.......National Puppy Day?  I think there is officially a day for everything now.   So to get in the spirit lets all watch a video of a puppy falling a sleep in his water bowl...
Amazing Puppy Rescue on Busy Freeway After Scary Crash [VIDEO]
Puppy chase starts at 20 seconds in.  This was a pretty fast dog, and out ran the police on foot more than once.  Go Ponch!
A puppy ran loose on the freeway in Phoenix, AZ after its owner got into a car crash. Police had to block off the road and grab the dog before it could be hit by th…