Rex Perry Autoplex Street Cast Saturday
Want to win a free K-Fox T-Shirt, but don't know how? This Saturday we have a K-Fox 955 Streetcast at Rex Perry Autoplex on the Loop in Nacogdoches. Come by and tell me Happy New Year, and we will hook you up!
Help Stop Crime by Test Driving Cars!
Do you like crime?  No, of course you don't.  Do you like grilled hamburgers?  Yes!  Well, you probably do.  If you don't, that's okay.  Do you like live music?   How about test driving cars?  Now, we're talking!
K-Fox 955 Invades Polk’s In Lufkin
I took the show on the road Tuesday for another 'K-Fox Hot Stop'. We gave away Powerade prize packages to six lucky listeners. Congratulations to Susan Linthicum from Etoile, Stephanie Rodriguez from Huntington, Melonie Aweford of Groveton, Carol Ratcliff of Lufkin, Kim Palmer Huntingto…