This may sound ridiculous, but tapping on your face just might help you lose weight. Okay, it might be a little more involved than that, but not much. I don't care how ridiculous it all sounds, if it works, you know I'll be screaming it from the roof tops! So how does this new tapping diet work? Easy, it's only two steps...

1. Decide what it is that's bothering you and causing you to want to eat unhealthy.

2. Give yourself some positive self talk. If you're worried about paying your bills, tell yourself it'll be alright and plan to work a few extra hours. Then, tap two fingers on nine specific acupuncture pressure points while you continue the positive self talk.

It may sound silly, but tests say it works. Women who have done the diet lost an average of two pounds for week or sixteen pounds over eight weeks. The coolest thing is that ALL of the women kept the weight off... even six months later.

I do believe I'm going to have to check this book out, The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss by Jessica Ortner. I just hope my co-workers don't kick me off the island for all of the random tapping and talking to myself. Good thing I work at a radio station and being eccentric is pretty much par for the course! Sure, I joke, but after watching the following videos, I think this method has more to offer than weight loss!