That's a hell of a swing he's got there.

Google tells me this car is worth about $143,000. He must have been really pissed.

According to Auto Evolution, the 33-year-old took his pricey car to the Shin Sung Motors dealership in Guangzhou, China, looking for a refund after his car kept stalling. The man has a pregnant wife and believed the car was unsafe for his family. Apparently the man had visited the dealership numerous times and was promised a refund should the problem occur again.

It did. But he didn't get a refund made evident by the destruction he left on the car.

Employees told the angry customer that the man in charge of refunds was out on a trip and so the man would have to wait until he returned. Clearly the pissed off guy had had enough. (Mandatory)

I don't know how that fixed the problem, but here's hoping he felt better afterwards. And that he had money for a bus pass.


Does anybody know why this man is literally smashing his #Mercedes #S63 #AMG with a golf club?!Marchettino -

Posted by Marchettino on Monday, September 14, 2015