Late Tuesday or early Wednesday Isaac is expected to make landfall as a hurricane with winds up to 100mph.
But the big question is where it will land. Mostly because it's such a slow moving storm, at about 14 miles an hour. Still over a day away from landfall, forecasters are saying that what will be Hurricane Isaac could strike anywhere from Beaumont to Alabama. Over 500 miles of probability, and the latest prediction cone from the National Hurricane Center shows the area around New Orleans as the most probable landfall point, Right now Isaac is a tropical storm with top sustained winds at 65mph.


The major danger in all this is that when Isaac finally makes his mind up as to where he will definitely go, those in his path will have a very short time to evacuate.

As for East Texas, depending on where Isaac hits, we could get no rain with a little breeziness on Wednesday or we could get periods of heavy rain with gusts near 50mph.

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