It gives us great delight to bring you 2012's movie mistakes. Maybe the directors and editors can learn a thing or two from our posts and try and avoid the same mishaps this year.

1. Ice Age 4: Continental DriftManny refers to the pirate rabbit as the Easter Bunny, Easter never existed in prehistoric times.

2. Battleship – The Sampson is hit by one shell at first, leaving a large hole on the port side of the bow. But when it’s being pelted with shells during the second volley, the hole in the bow is gone.

3. The Amazing Spider-Man – When Peter falls through the roof and lands on the boxing ring, the planks on his body suddenly disappear.

4. Skyfall – In the scene where M is asked to retire from MI6, she puts down her glass and gets up to leave. She picks up her coat from the back of the chair but leaves her bag on the floor. In the next shot, the bag is no longer there.

5. Red Tails – When Lightning returns to base following the destruction of the train, the pilots watch his gun camera films. Gun cameras are trained forward of the aircraft, while some of the footage displayed was from behind the P-40.

6. The Lorax – When Ted visits the Once-ler for the second time and dives to the ground to avoid being launched by the sledgehammer as happened the first time, he stands up and his goggles are around his neck but hanging behind him. The scene then switches to the Once-ler and then back to Ted, and his goggles are still around his neck but now hanging in front of him.

7. The Dictator – When Aladeen tries to jump the fence of the UN, a hearing device is seen in actor Sacha Baron Coen’s ear.

8. Looper Young Joe was right-handed. (He shot people with his right hand) but Older Joe was left-handed.

9. Argo – The action takes place in 1980, but Ben Affleck is wearing a Rolex Deepsea Sea Dweller, which wasn’t released until 2008.

10. Underworld: Awakening – Detective Sebastian fires a total of 7 rounds at the Antigen van in the parking garage – three at the driver, two at the front-left tire, one right before the van nearly runs him over and then one after it passes him – without reloading, yet the Taurus Judge revolver he is using is designed to only hold 5 rounds in its cylinder. Later, after Sebastian has reloaded the revolver, he fires 8 rounds at Dr. Lane, again without reloading.

Do you know of any other movie mistakes from 2012? Let us know by commenting below!