Adele's voice isn't in top shape.  She's got laryngitis and has been forced to reschedule  five shows on the tour she is on now.

It started last Thursday.  Doctors told Adele to postpone a  show in Minneapolis and she did.  But then went ahead and performed this past Saturday in Denver.  That caused a relapse, and she had to back out of her show Sunday in Salt Lake City last minute.  Since then, Adele has had to call off her show last night in Vancouver, her show Wednesday night in Seattle, and her show in Portland, Oregon on Friday.  She plans to resume the tour this Saturday in San Francisco, California.  The dates are expected to be rescheduled.

I think she is a really great singer, but as tours go missing and postponing shows cost money, and cause big problems with promoters.  She already had some problems on Dancing With The Stars a month or so back and had to back out and sing only one song.  I hope this is not a look at things to come, but if you buy a ticket to an Adele show, I would have a back up plan.  - Dan Patrick