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Bruno Mars may find himself even more famous if Hollywood comes calling, which it seems to do once a pop star gets super-hot. Actually, Bruno has some acting under his belt already -- when he was seven years old, he appeared in the 1992 movie Honeymoon in Vegas, as a tiny ELVIS PRESLEY impersonator. Speaking about getting back into acting, Bruno says, "I think every artist wants to get their Purple Rain on and do a movie," but adds that he would want it to happen "organically." He explains, "I'm not gonna just do it to do it. Y'know, if something comes my way where I really think I can sink my teeth in, I'm game."

Bruno just performed in London earlier this week. He's currently #1 on both the album and singles charts in the U.K. and he has a full UK tour lined up for March, after the Grammys where he has 7 nods.