15th Annual Angelina County Science & Tech Fair [PICTURES]
This is an annual event that allows 6th-12th graders to compete in science and technology-related competitions. They do projects in categories like the Egg Car, Hovercraft, Invention, Life Science, and Toothpick Towers!  Today was the final day of the event so we took some pictures while we wer…
Is Your Child Drug Free?
We sometimes forget in a small town that their are still pressures on our kids in school to do drugs.  One organization in Lufkin is doing something about it.
Prescription Drug Take Back Could Save Lives
Old prescriptions hanging around the house?  I don't keep them around, but if you take lots of medications, I am sure they could build up.  This is a great way do dispose of them in a safe manner.
Store your prescriptions in a secure place and dispose of them properly at a DEA Prescrip…
Weekend Project – Make A Vortex Cannon [VIDEO]
Spring break is almost over, you've spent all of your money on a lavish vacation, but the kids are still bouncing off the ceiling bored after only one week off of school.  What to do?  Make a vortex cannon.  Not only is it science, it's fun, and somewhat destructive...
Ohio School Is Paying Students For Showing Up In Class
Teen truancy is a real problem for a lot of schools, but especially so for the Dohn Community High School in Cincinnati. It only has a 14% graduation rate and has been deemed an “academic emergency” by the state of Ohio.
So the school is trying out a novel approach: it&Clo…

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