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The Pickle Trend Hits East Texas
What's with all the pickles? These little fat free and low-cal wonders are becoming a thing, and East Texas is on board with the trend.  But a popsicle?  There are several spots to get a dill pickle popsicle right now, and even more stores will add it this summer.
Have You Tried Eat Street Deli?
Last time I tried to go to Eat Street Deli, it was packed. As much as I love to try new places I waited a bit till after lunch today, and was able to try this new Lufkin Restaurant. Well ... new to me.
Chipotle’s Payment System Gets Hacked
If you used your credit or debit card at that Chipotle on Tulane Drive in Lufkin recently, watch your credit card statements for some squirrelly activity.  Chipotle's payment systems were hacked earlier this month, and some of your info may have been compromised.

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