How to Cheat and Get Extra Lives in Candy Crush [VIDEO]
Seems like everyone is addicted to Candy Crush.  It's a fun game that everyone really seems to enjoy....while you have lives.  Found this cheat online today and thought I would share.  No more waiting for time to pass to get more lives!
KFox Kash Continues To Fly Out The Door!
KFox Kash continues to make Thousandaires every weekday during the month of May! When you hear the cue to call, be the 25th nationwide caller to 1-877-584-WINS to win one thousand dollars.
Watch Justin Timberlake Take 5 Shots, Then Play Mini Golf [VIDEO]
I really dig Justin Timberlake. He made SNL funny again, hangs out with Jay-Z and makes his own tequila. But JT took it to another level of crazy cool by drinking 5 TEQUILA shots in 10 minutes on British talk show. He also somehow managed not to embarrass himself and walk away without help.

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