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Watch This Girl Pull Her Own Tooth With a Sling Bow
Parents have all sorts of tricks for pulling their kids' teeth.  My dad tied a string to my tooth when I was 7, and tied the other end of the string to a chair and then tipped the chair over to yank the tooth out. It worked.  This sling bow trick one-ups my dad's chair for sure. …
Boy’s Gift To A Soilder Continues To Grow [VIDEO]
This story of Myles Eckert, who used $20 he found in the parking lot to pay for a U.S. soldier's meal at Cracker Barrel, made my wife cry. She even said she cried trying to explain it to our daughter, who in turn cried just hearing her explain it.
Let’s Try Moonshine For The First Time! [VIDEO]
Moonshine. Firewater, White lightning, Rotgut, whatever you call it it brings up visions of an illegal prohibition treat. I have always been intrigued by the history of moonshine, and trying real shine. It exists, but these days it's much easier to find from legit, above board manufactures. So …

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