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Carnival Employees Pitch In At Expo
The Nacogdoches Rodeo and Pro Steer Show is next week, March 26th - 28th, and the owners of the carnival offered to help the Nac Expo with their awesome employees.
K-Fox Streetcast At New Local Gym
K-Fox Streetcast at Gains & Glory this Saturday from 11am - 1pm. I'm bringing the new 2018 K-Fox shirts, and a stack of passes to the Evans United Carnival at the Nac Expo going on this weekend.
How Many Holes Does A Straw Have?
I asked my friends on facebook how many holes does a straw have. I got the idea from a caller on the Kidd Kraddick morning show this week, not knowing that the debate had been going on forever.
What If East Texas Had An Olympic Sport
The winter Olympics got me thinking that we needed our own Olympic Sports. Just like you can only ski where it's snowing, these sports would involve you being in close proximity to trailer parks and used tires.

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