Texas Warrant Round Up Happening Now
It's that time of year folk's, the Nacogdoches and Lufkin Police Departments are combining resources and performing the annual Great Texas Warrant Round-Up, now though March 10th.
It’s Inauguration Day Folks
Today's the day you've all been dreading/waiting for, the day that only comes around once every 4 years,  it's Inauguration Day. The presidents staff has been hard at work getting ready for the annual days long event.
Should Texas Legalize Marijuana? [POLL]
This week Colorado and Washington passed a law that legalized marijuana in their respective states. Their seems to be an on-going debate about the recreational drug and if it should be legal throughout the United States. However, we all know that is not the case...
Things I Learned at Early Voting Today
Early voting started Monday in Texas and runs through next week. Have you voted yet, or are you waiting until November 6th?
I voted earlier today and I thought I’d pass along some of the things either I learned for the first time, or that were reaffirmed to me.
Vice Presidential Debate Gets Auto-Tuned [VIDEO]
I usually stay out of politics, don't get me wrong I am going to vote as should you, but I think that is the start and end of my political messages for my listeners. Now if we are making equal fun of both candidates, count me in. Last week we saw the two Vice-Presidental hopefuls debate one an…

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