Gamer Proposes to Girlfriend Via Custom Role Playing Game
If you're a gamer and you find yourself a girlfriend who also loves spending marathon sessions in front of a screen you should probably seriously consider locking her down for life.
That's what Redditor Marchaka was thinking with his special lady Michelle, who shares his passion for video games. So, …
Ryan Seacrest + Julianne Hough Split
After dating for about two years, pocket-sized couple Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough have called it quits. And once again, PR people trotted out their most well-worn talking point: The couple's busy professional schedules just left them no time for each other.
Czech Looking for a Mate, but you Better be Rich! [VIDEO]
Don't know if this is stupid or brilliant, but it's bad either way. Seems as though Nicky Tuckova won't let a little thing like being tone deaf get in the way of her being a pop star, or at least finding a rich husband. I am thinking that the cleavage and yoga pants would help...

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