Texas Lawyer Goes Viral With This Crazy Ad
Oh my goodness.  If this guy is as over-the-top in person as he is in this commercial, you will want him on your side whether it's in front of a judge, or playing for your rec league football team.  He's intense!
Man Credits Shark With Saving His Life
I wouldn't call what happened to Eugene a shark attack; it was more like a shark warning. There was no biting, it just made sure Eugene knew he needed to get out of there.
Eugene Finney was swimming off the California coast when a shark smashed into him, leaving him in severe pain, with a h…
Instagram Famous Pets Include Raccoon And Squirrel
Sure, there are plenty of Instagram famous dogs and cats, but there are also a lot of up and coming non-traditional pets.
There are dogs like Tuna, who I usually call Phteven.
That annoying moment when you're trying to mind your own business and fall asleep but your mom realized that she didn't post a…
The Best Of Markiplier – Fast Forward To Five
A lot of young people today fast forward through life by watching "Let's Plays". Those are videos of people playing, and reacting to video games and other videos.
We know what you're thinking, "Why not play the games yourself"? And while that is a valid a…
A Company Will Ship New England’s Leaves To Your Back Yard
The fall foliage in New England makes all the magazines and postcards, and seems to be the gold standard for how the orange and brown leaves should really look this time of year.  Want some?
There's a company that will ship them to you.
What should we send back from Texas?
Woman Made Herself Blind On Purpose
Jewel has something called 'Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID), a condition in which able-bodied people believe they are meant to be disabled'. In 2006, she blinded herself.
From the YouTube description:
FOR most people becoming blind would be a living nightmare - but for Jewel Shuping …

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