In his long career, CEE-LO GREEN has recorded pop and soul music on his own, rap music with his old group GOODIE MOB, and even alternative music, with his group GNARLS BARKLEY.  But Cee-Lo says what he'd really like to do is say "Forget You" to all that, and start headbanging.  When asked what genre there is left for him to explore, Cee-Lo told us, "I have not done metal, and metal is my first love...I was having a conversation recently about what that would sound maybe you'll hear it."

and even BILLY IDOL.  So why does the man best known for his soulful sound love metal so much?  Cee-Lo explains, "It sounds very fierce...very aggressive and progressive. It doesn't sound destructive [to me]. It sounds like it's moving a mountain out of the way, I mean, a wall of sound.  And I'm just compelled by it."  (AUDIO IS EXCLUSIVE)

Unfortunately, there's no word on whether this album will actually get made, since Cee-Lo is just about to go on tour with RIHANNA and he's also planning another GnarlsBarkley album at some point.  (ABC)

I used to play bass in a metal band...I thought we were pretty good.  I wonder if I still have a cassette of that laying around.  Hey Cee Lo, you are about a decade behind on the metal.  Is it coming back?  Should I start growing my hair out again right now.  I want to be one of the cool kids!  Also Cee Lo is the secret celebrity today,  put his name in the KFox VIP for 2500 points.  DP