For some of us, there's nothing more exciting than the September issue of Vogue Magazine. Some folks like gadgets in Wired Magazine. For others, there's nothing better than dinosaurs. Luckily, some enterprising hacker has combined all three, sprinkled in some suits, and the world is a better place now because of it.

Starting yesterday, dinosaurs started springing up on British Vogue's website. Visitors to the site can start the velociraptors' walk down the runway by visiting and entering the classic video game Konami Code with their keyboards: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.

After entering the code, a velociraptor appears! And, as if that's not cool enough, every additional time you press the A key on your keyboard, you'll get another dinosaur with another hat!

If Vogue isn't your thing, that's ok! We've confirmed that for now, the Konami code also works on as well, summoning dinosaurs in lab coats and goggles, as well as the Nyan Cat! On, the dinos start modelling menswear, taking off across the screen in suits.

I have no idea who's responsible for this prehistoric fashion show, but I want to give them a huge high-five.

Source: ONTD