Recently I have noticed that some people have chickens for pets.  I have no idea how much love a chicken can give you.  I know my dog is pretty loving, my cat wants to be petted, but fancy chickens?  I know they taste good in nugget form, dipped in ketchup...or ranch depending on my sons mood.

But now I know lots of people that have fancy chickens and roosters as pets.  I just had no idea how they actually kept up with the messes.  I mean chickens are definitely outside pets.  They "go" anywhere and everywhere.   Just ask my next door neighbors, they keep theirs outside.  I know because I used to hear a rooster crowing every morning.   I don't think they are legal in the city limits, but I ain't no narc.

Chickens go when they please, I don't think you can potty train them.  So here it is the solution to all the problems.  Chicken diapers.  This might be the most interesting thing I have seen all day.  I am going to start making my own and calling them "Poultry Poop Pads"