Back in the 90's and even the early 2000's to get onto the internet, you had to physically connect to get access through an internet provider.   We still pay for internet today, but gone is the strange noises that my computer made to get to the nets.  Click Here to get a virtual experience of what getting on the internet used to be like. DIAL UP SOUND

Much like the sound of a fax machine is pretty much long gone, this is just one of those nostalgic things that most people under 17 just don't even remember going on.   Now fast forward to today. Did you know that about 3.5 million people still pay for dial up from America Online? This is how they access the Web everyday, and they added 200,000 customersnsince last year.  But I get consolation in the fact that about 60,000 canceled the service.

So that's a lot of people still hearing that 56k modem, because there are parts of our country without broadband—mostly rural areas—and these people don't have any choice.  The other reason is that many AOL subscribers probably don't realize they're still paying for the service.    Source - Gizmodo