It's hard not to feel a patriotic during the Olympics. Especially when our Olympians are headed to Russia to kick some butt! My wife really likes the ice skating events, almost as much as she likes watching the gymnastics events in the Summer Olympics.

As we get ready for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, we are reminded here in East Texas that it never snows. My daughter laments this fact on a daily basis. I fear she is going to move up north just to make a snow angel when she gets older.

Behind every great athlete is a parent or guardian that was there every step of the way. These incredible people made countless sacrifices for your future and success. This video is a tribute to those people, and I have to say I did choke up a little bit thinking how my mom and dad did the same for me when I was younger. To all those people out there, Thank You for believing in your kids, and all your support through the years.