This is an amazing new artist Gnesa. It's a strange phenomenon that she is creating. She has disabled the likes and dislikes on her video, and then instead of disabling comments, she is administrating them. That way no matter what, all of the comments are positive.

So now it's kind of a thing to go in, make a comment and try your very best to word it like a compliment, but actually dis her, or just make it over the top sarcastic and super positive and see if it gets in. This was my comment - I don't know why ratings have been disabled, I would give it two thumbs and a couple of index fingers strategically placed! See a thinly veiled insult as the finger would be placed firmly in my ears.

But will it make it into the comment stream? You never know. That is the enigma that is Gnesa. Once you start watching you can't stop, so I will warn you. Then you can put your actual negative comments below the post here!